Well-being; sound mind / sound body; Inspiring confidence & creativity in children; Shaping a brighter future in terms of sustainable development; Helping new communities’ to thrive…

This is our W.I.S.H

The Enchanted Arts Festival was borne out of the desire for a festive and creative space enabling connection amongst families and friends of all ages, a passion for cultural heritage and the arts, and the need for new ways of thinking, acting and tackling the common challenges facing us all.

In building this festival, we are seeing all that is possible when people, projects and communities of interest at local and global levels link up and reach out through their own networks to like-minded artists and cultural actors. So many creative and innovative partnerships with social value are emerging as ideas cross-pollinate and different kinds of talent are released.

Without doubt the connective tissue binding us all is being strengthened. Indeed the Enchanted Arts Festival has reinforced our belief that culture and our shared histories and stories – through images, artifacts, words and sounds – create a common language that transcends differences and breaks down stereotypes, walls and barriers. As theologist Theillard de Chardin summized, we are all beautifully connected in one vast, pulsating web of life.

During the European Year for Cultural Heritage, our past also comes full circle to meet our future at the Enchanted Arts Festival. At the Chateau de Dampierre-sur-Boutonne in July 2018 we’ll be celebrating this historically important chateau known as a Salon during the Renaissance era – with its visiting artists, writers and philosophers coming to be inspired by the mysterious alchemist’s gallery and imagining a model for a different world.

We’ll also be drawing on our own ancient wisdoms to go back to the source and remember what it is to feel connected within a community, to instill in our kids a sense of wonder, to feed their imagination through remembrance of times past and recognition of new realities, and to inspire the next generation towards more socially-conscious behaviors and actions.

Ultimately, we’ll learn that our need for love, connection, laughter, fun and celebration are really what binds us all and makes us human. Get you tent here so we can meet under the stars…and buy your tickets here!